Weld Leader Tool for BricsCAD – FREEWARE

STACAD s.r.o. Computing applications development Software Weld Leader Tool for BricsCAD – FREEWARE

Weld Leader Tool is freeware with custom entities, mainly used for engineering documentation. Weld Leader Tool are consist of main two custom entities, Weld Leader and Item Note. You can create them and subsequently interactively modify, copy, move, e.t.c.

Weld Leader Tool commands are simply executable from WLTool toolbar. Creation of weld leaders or item notes are supported by user friendly dialogues, where you can set all necessary symbols and texts. When you want to edit existing entity simply double click required entity and appropriate dialogue will display. If you want to point to more then one weld or some structural part, you can use additional arrow leader. In Weld Leader Settings you can set Languages and text colors. You can also translate all messages and texts to your language, if yet not supported.

Main features

  • Creating weld symbols in user friendly dialogues
  • Creating notes for manufactured parts
  • Interactive modyfying
  • Text colors settings
  • Language setting with custom language translation ability




BricsCAD V14 (x86/x64) (Windows) – version 1.0.1
BricsCAD V17 (x86/x64) (Windows) – version 1.0.2


Installation files are in Download section or you can download this application from official BricsCAD website.