Structural analysis and design of steel structure

We provide full documentation of steel structures of halls, crane runways, office buildings, sports facilities and technology units. Consistently applied real modeling of sub-parts of the structure using FEM shells. We offer calculations, design and complete manufacturing documentation. In all fields of activities we apply our years of experiences and our custom developed applications in CAD​​.

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Structural analysis and design of shell structures

We calculate and project steel shells, such as multi-chamber tanks, silos, metal air duct and complicated surface models for reinforced concrete structural engineers. We have developed generators of special load cases.

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Structural analysis and visualisations of skydive simulators

Our Company participated in the development of a unique simulator Skydive Arena in Prague. We provide design calculations for various types of air ducts, supporting systems, spatial visualization and animation for many other simulators in Europe.

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Development of FEM support applications

More than 20 years we are developing specialized software which using computing kernel of finite element method NE-XX produced by prestigious company FEM Consulting, s.r.o. We create custom applications for structural analysis and for production documentation aiding. We use knowledge of C++, C#, AutoLisp languages and Visual Basic for spreadsheet editors.

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We are specialists for structural analysis and steel structures designing

STACAD, s.r.o. is narrowly specialized company for static calculations and engineering design of steel structures. In parallel, we are continuously developing our own structural analysis software, which can flexibly adapt to our needs, so we are able to cover even the most demanding calculations of spatial construction. Therefore we are completely independent of commercial package.