About us

STACAD s.r.o. About us

STACAD s.r.o. was established in 1992 with close ties to the Czech subsidiary Schwing – Stetter. Our main activity has been structural analysis, designs and manufacturing documentation supporting structures of concrete plants, multi-compartment trays for stone and cement silos.

Since 1990, practically almost all concrete mixing towers, produced by Stetter company, built in Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Czech Republic was structurally designed and partly drawn by our office.

Gradually, companies as MERKO or ELBA started to use our specialized services. And we design great amount of tower, horizontal, and mobile concrete plants for them.


We are specialists for structural analysis and steel structures designing


We are narrowly specialized company for static calculations and engineering design of steel structures. In parallel, we are continuously developing our own analysis software, which can flexibly adapt to our needs, so we are able to cover even the most demanding calculations of spatial construction. Therefore we are completely independent of commercial package.


We develop our own structural analysis software

We develop own graphical pre-and post-processors for calculations spatial constructions using finite element method in the CAD environment. We closely work with the creators of FEM computational kernels FEM Consulting company in Brno. Since 2001, we have already covered static authorization and can say that since then, our activity has become more intensive and now dominate the analysis of industrial buildings and steel structure projects for residential and industrial buildings.

Furthermore, we are also proud of cooperation in the development of a unique simulator Skydive Arena Prague, in which we mainly contributed at demanding structural analysis of aerodynamic air ducts and their attachment to steel structure, which we also design.
We continue with this cooperation on structural analysis solutions for more than eight skydive simulators located throughout the Europe.

Range of engineering services

  1. Structural analysis of steel structures
  2. Structural analysis of shell structures
  3. Design documentation
  4. Complete manufacturing documentation
  5. Fire assessments of steel structures
  6. Fire assessments of thin profiles
  7. Development of own custom software
  8. Visualisation