STACAD s.r.o. Computing applications development Software

Own structural analysis software for calculation of finite element method

The entire existence of the company STACAD, already more than 20 years, we develop our own structural analysis software which can flexibly adapt to our needs and we are able to cover even the most demanding strength calculations of spatial structures. We use our own graphical pre-and post-processors for calculations spatial constructions using finite element method in the CAD environment. We work closely with the creators of FEM computational kernels FEM Consulting company in Brno. Therefore we are completely independent of commercial packages.

At the moment we are improving our software and preparing it for commercial sale.

Available software

Weld Leader Tool – FREEWARE

– Add-in for BricsCAD with which you can create weld symbol leaders and note leaders by user friendly dialogues

Interactive Conic Sections – preliminary version

– Add-in for BricsCAD