Interactive conic sections

STACAD s.r.o. Computing applications development Software Interactive conic sections

Interactive conic sections is add-in to BricsCAD. At this moment it’s only in preliminary version for presentational purposes.
It’s behave just like other entities. It can be trimmed, extended, copied or scaled. Includes a snap as tangent, perpendicular or intersection with a different curve.

The application covers the following types of curves:

  • line
  • circle arc
  • parabola
  • elliptic arc
  • hyperbolic arc

General conics can be defined:

  • from two to five points
  • at most three points, which at two have tangent vectors
  • the center point and three points on the circumference
  • the center point and two points, which at one has tangent vector

With fewer definitions, conditions can occur where the curve is not definable or there may be two alternative curves